Introducing Chainway H100 Healthcare Mobile Computer

Chainway H100 is an Android 6.0-based healthcare mobile computer designed especially for healthcare industry. It will first impress you with its ultra-thin appearance: flawless lines express dynamic patterns, aluminum uni-body showcases elegance and class, and ergonomical design provides a comfort feel in the hand.
A Comfort for the Hand, A Feast for the Eye
Thin and light body is a big advantage in mobile healthcare. H100 sits comfortably in your hand. Its thin uni-body and stylish curves give emphasis to modern industrial cues. H100 is a pleasure to use and portable to hold with its solid frame and sleek metal edges. It is modern, elegant, and confident. It is a new classic.

Protect Patient, Protect You
Apart of appearance, H100 also attracts attention for its high performance in healthcare data capture. Ergonomical design helps you get rid of repetitive strain injury in the wrists. Best-in-class Zebra 4710 2D barcode imager scans it all - smudged, scratched or poorly printed barcodes of medications, samples, and patients’ wristbands – effortlessly. 25° tilt angle of the scan sensor recommended by healthcare authorities delivers the most accurate scanning result with the minimum effort of the wrist, scanning from bottled infusions in the hanger to patient ID wristbands at bedsides.

Bimetal Compound Casting
Nano molding technology is deployed in the molding of H100’s solid bimetal body. Outside, H100’s curved metal cover is crafted from anodized aluminum like many smartphones. Inside, nano molding technology integrates the aluminum magnesium alloy into flawless uni-body, protecting the device from fragility.

Born Rugged
To work under intense healthcare environments, a device needs to be both rugged and compact to perform medical tasks. H100 healthcare mobile computer is rated IP65 to be water and dust resistant, and withstands 30 falls on all 6 faces from 1.5 meters to cemented ground. Born rugged, H100 stays rugged even if medical staff drop it during emergency care.

Wireless Connectivity
An efficient healthcare process is the result of well cooperation among medical staff and quick response to patient latest information (diagnosis, medical history, etc.). To make key medical data accessible, a healthcare PDA needs to have stable and fast wireless connectivity. H100 brings the optimum connectivity with 4G LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G+5G). Integrated dual SIM support maximizes frequency roaming.

Details for Healthcare
As a professional healthcare mobile computer, H100 takes every single need of medical clinicians into consideration. H100 has a back fingerprint sensor for healthcare staff to unlock the device, supports do-not-disturb mode by replacing scan tone with light when in quiet ward, and integrates pupil lamp in the device, enabling nurses to handle everyday task with more ease.

Other Features
You can see more bright colors on H100’s 5-inch multi-touch screen, hear more clear voices by box boomsound and noise-canceling dual microphones, and disinfect more often the device without worrying alcohol, the most common medical disinfectant, corrodes the shell.

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