Introducing Chainway CM2000-1 UHF RFID Module

Chainway CM2000-1 is a single-channel UHF RFID module with high performance. It can be integrated in mobile or fixed UHF RFID readers, UHF card readers, integrated RFID readers, etc. This reliable module is small in size, low in power consumption, resistant to electromagnetic interference and good at heat dispersion. All make it ideal for applications in warehousing, logistics, apparel, production lines and such.
CM2000-1 demonstrates Chainway R&D team’s devoted hard work and continuous effort. It is a 12 PIN UHF RFID module that includes all necessary components for fast and stable UHF RFID reading and writing. Its small size makes CM2000-1 an excellent choice for mobile uses, and strong heat dissipation capability protects the module from overheat.
Industry-leading RF Chip
It employs Impinj Indy R2000 UHF RFID RF chip. Highly precise UHF RFID reading and writing in wide range and low-phase noise is promised.
Excellent Reading Performance
It reads tags with high stability and sensitivity. The read range is over 10 meters when using the 4dBi antenna, and the reading rate over 200 tags per second. It is optimized for high volume applications.

Superior Heat Dispersion Capacity
The internal heat sink made of heat sensitive material delivers high heat conduction rate. Large contact surface design and multi-board temperature sensor enable accurate temperature protection of the system.
Strong Stability and Monitoring System
You can expect reliability under extreme heat, cold, or humidity. It detects CPU running status and can close the protection receiver by command. Integrated RF chip is stable even under harsh environments.
The edge connections for signals, power, and RF allow the module to be soldered directly to a motherboard as a standard component.
Low Voltage & Power Consumption
It operates perfectly well under DC 3.5V power input. Multiple-mode low power consumption design brings a prolonged standby time.
Outstanding Consistency
It adopts high-precision and reliable component parts to ensure high consistency. It is surely an example of consistency.
Easy Application Development
SDK and developing board are available to facilitate a secondary development. OEM and developers can connect the module to PC to test or use it in a new finished RFID handheld, mobile or stationary reader as a component.